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Forensic auditing is the application of special skills in accounting, auditing, finance, quantitative methods of law, and investigative skills to collect, analyse and evaluate evidential matter and to interpret and communicate findings.

Forensic accountants are therefore employed to seek, interpret, and communicate transactional and reporting event evidence in an objective, legally sustainable fashion, not only in situations where there are specific allegations of wrongdoing, but also in situations where interested parties judge that the risk of loss from wrongdoing is such that proper prudence requires legally sustainable evidence to support a realistic conclusion that no wrongdoing is occurring.

When undertaking forensic audits we plan our procedures to:

  • Obtain an understanding of how the business activity has been documented, recorded reported, managed and controlled;
  • Identify, obtain, examine, and evaluate relevant financial and other pertinent information;
  • Quantify the financial impact of transactions or events;
  • Perform and interpret relevant analyses of financial information;
  • Document and explain financial information and the results of the financial analyses for decision making purposes;
  • Provide relevant and appropriate opinions on the findings and results of the work performed

Phandahanu specialises in the provision of forensic audit, accounting and investigative services focusing on the prevention, detection and investigation of white collar crime.

Phandahanu Forensics provides an expert forensic accounting and investigations service to national and local government departments, private companies and law firms across Southern Africa. We utilise our expert accounting, auditing and investigative skills when performing assignments. We regularly assist clients in the following matters.

Forensic Investigative Services

  • Commercial Crime Investigations (including inter alia Fraud, theft and corruption)
  • Computer Forensics & Electronic Discovery
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Employee misconduct
  • Employee Theft
  • Internal Investigations
  • Undercover Investigations and Surveillance Services
  • Financial Investigations & Forensic Accounting Business
  • Intelligence Insurance claims
  • Due diligence

Prevention and Detection Services

  • Fraud Risk Assessments
  • Data Analyses
  • Assisting in the implementation of a Fraud Policy, Response Plan and a Code of Business Ethics
  • Assisting in the implementation of Fraud preventative measures
  • Fraud Awareness Training
  • Background research on applicants
  • Lifestyle audits on current employees
  • Development and assessment of internal control systems

Other Forensic Services

  • Dispute resolution (including quantifying financial losses and damages)
  • Asset Recovery - Tracing stolen funds and property
  • Fraud Hotlines
  • Litigation support

Litigation Support:

Today's attorney needs effective forensic and investigative accountants more than ever. In addition, the forensic accountant, acting as an "Expert Witness" must possess the verbal skills to simply and factually relate their findings to a judge, magistrate or chairperson at disciplinary hearings. Astute legal professionals realise that their litigation support and expert witnesses must not only be seasoned accountants and auditors who know their way around a balance sheet, but effective communicators as well.

Phandahanu Forensics works closely with attorneys to meet the demands of preparing cases and presenting evidence. Our forensic accounting and litigation support is built on a deep understanding of financial and economic analysis, forensic auditing and business valuations. Our work is designed and carefully documented for litigation purposes and/or alternative dispute resolutions.

Our specialists can assist in pre-trial preparations, arbitration, mediation, settlement negotiations, and civil and criminal trials. At trial or at disciplinary hearings we can provide accounting expert witness testimony, as well as easy-to-understand analyses and demonstrative exhibits.

Phandahanu Forensics also has access to related forensic service providers such as questioned document examination experts and truth verification (polygraph examinations and voice stress analysis) experts.