Our Team

Our Management Team

Frik van Eeden

Frik's main specialisation is in the prevention, detection and investigation of White Collar Crime (including inter alia fraud, theft and corruption). He served in the Commercial Branch (Fraud Unit) of the SAPS for several years until 1999 before utilising his investigative, interviewing, analytical and report writing skills in the private sector.


Thiru Mudaly

Thiru is a Chartered Accountant, and served articles with Deloitte and Touche. Thiru’s focus area is internal audit, risk management, forensic accounting and compliance consulting having managed a broad range of assignments in the public sector.


Chris Schulz

Chris has been involved in the Special and Criminal Investigations divisions of SARS since 1994 mostly as team leader. In 2007 he left SARS for the private sector.