About us

About Us

"Our clients understand that this is a war. We win the war"

We have put together a team of professionals who are highly qualified and have extensive experience in forensic audits and investigations. Our resources are furthermore aligned to deliver a product that is of the highest value to our clients. Our team is committed to assisting our clients identify both the perpetrators of fraud, and the areas that are at risk for future fraudulent activities. We believe that a multi-disciplinary approach is essential to our success and therefore our management team is supported by forensic accountants, forensic investigators and former prosecutors.

Our team of multi-disciplinary experts has an exceptional understanding and knowledge of the following matters:

  • The legal aspects pertaining to commercial crime (fraud, theft and corruption) and adherence to labour law legislation when investigating misconduct and other internal matters;
  • The context within which commercial crime engagements are to be conducted;
  • The types of information that would assist in establishing motivation, intent, and bias and an understanding of the ways in which evidence could be fabricated or concealed;
  • Understand that forensic investigations are often intricate and voluminous in nature;
  • The sensitive nature of matters that are investigated;
  • The need to conclude investigations with speed, thoroughness and integrity;
  • Identify, obtain, examine, and assess information relevant to the facts of an engagement;
  • Analyse and compare various types and sources of information including the use of information technology in the detection, prevention and investigation of fraud and related matters;
  • Document and present investigative findings for decision making purposes.

Our employees adhere to a strict code of conduct including inter alia:

Employees will attend to client instructions and perform duties in a diligent and professional manner at all times acting with integrity, diplomacy and courtesy.
Duties will be undertaken in an honest and industrious fashion in line with expectations required of them.
Employees will be conscious of the trust and fidelity placed upon them in the course of duty protecting the good name of the company and client alike.
Information relating to any investigation will be treated with the utmost sensitivity, and appropriate steps will be taken to ensure the confidentiality thereof.